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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Mystic Wolves Series Insight.

I just realized something.

When I first started the Mystic Wolves series, it was never that . . . a series. It began as an 8000 word short story based on a dream I turned paranormal that would be part of an anthology. 

8000 words. 

That's hard to believe as I currently work on the #6 book and have 18-20 full length novels planned out. That's NOT including more memory collections, spin offs for characters, and the eventual Enforcers series.

8000 words.

I've published 368, 890 words to date about Mason, Darcy, Devlin, and Daniel. That's a HUGE difference! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to explode the way it has or for it to be loved as deeply by everyone. It blows my mind.

And how do I thank you all? CLIFFHANGERS! I guess that's the way I share my gratitude, huh? LOL 

Just wanted to share <3

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