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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Last Wolf Standing


Last Wolf Standing is less the TWO WEEKS away so to help with the wait, here's a snippet between Mason and Devlin that had me SNORTING! What do you think?

     “Should we start discussing crocheting and Pinterest now?” Darcy piped up, a definite shine blazing in her eyes—one that tempted me to pull her onto my lap and kiss her. “You know, since we’re all just sitting around discussing mixology as amateur bartenders and ignoring the fact we’ve got more pressing matters to address.”

      “Well, now that you’ve mentioned it,” Devlin interrupted, leaning forward so his elbows rested on his knees. “OMG! I found this wicked craft project that was pinned the other night. We should totally get together and make it! Here, let me pull it up on my phone.”

      It was during moments like these that the similarities between uncle and niece were blatantly obvious—even down to the same infectious, snarky sense of humor.

      Placing my empty tumbler beside me on the side table, I rolled my eyes at both of them. “Fine, fine. There’s no need to be smart asses. Can’t a guy take a minute to just breathe and enjoy his whiskey in peace?”

      “By all means, honey.” Darcy smiled, winking back at me. “I’m just teasing.”

      “I wasn’t.” Devlin grumbled, completely failing to hide his own grin. “Pinterest is my Zen. I could pin and post for hours.”
“Yes, Vlad,” I answered, already predicting his response.

      Bulls-eye. “Take. That. Back.”

      “Hey, I’m not judging. What a man does with his spare time is his own business. Frankly, I always thought you were more the bedazzling kind. At least I know where to send our young Pack members when they need help with their school projects.”
“Hater,” Devlin mumbled under his breath.

      “Martha Stewart.” I mouthed in returned.

© Last Wolf Standing, Belinda Boring / Blushing Heart Press.

Last Wolf Standing is available for preorder on Apple iTunes, B&N, and Smashwords. 
Amazon will be available November 30th.

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