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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Recycled Post: So There's This Boy and This Girl.

(This post was originally shared as part of a blog tour over at Sassy Book Lovers in 2011)

So There Was This Boy And This Girl

Introduction to Darcy and Mason
I think it’s safe to mention when an author starts writing a new story, they fall in love with their characters. I can say this because that’s definitely what happened with me. From the very beginning, Darcy has impressed me and Mason … well he flat out makes me swoon. Being able to share their story has been so much fun and it’s easy to get caught up in – the love and respect they have for each other and of course, the incredible passion. It’s every romance readers dream!

Funnily enough, over a year ago I wrote a story called The Promise of Heat. It told the story of a female werewolf who had a mother on the relentless mission of finding her daughter a mate. No matter who she introduced, this daughter wasn’t interested and it frustrated her parent to no end. The daughter was also annoyed because she had told herself she would never settle. She wanted passion, intensity as well as love and devotion from the one she married and until she found it, she would remain single. But where the mother failed, Fate didn’t and through a magical twist, led the girl straight to her mate. Little did I know then, this was about Darcy and Mason.

Darcy, to me, is an amazing heroine. She shows such strength and compassion for those around her but she’s not without her flaws. She can be incredibly stubborn but always, always there are good intentions behind it. We learned in The Mystic Wolves that, despite the urgings of Mason, Darcy will always try to resolve a conflict peacefully, looking to see if she can talk her way out of it instead of resorting to her werewolf nature. Unfortunately it backfired for her and the price she paid was too much to bear. We find her  heartbroken and adamant the only way to make amends is to run. She’s not a coward but grief can make you do crazy things, right? I remember after losing my best friend two years ago, I didn’t think too clearly and this is what I love about Darcy. Although she’s supernatural, she’s also very human and it makes her relatable. You can’t help but feel for her as she struggles to find balance.

Mason, Mason, Mason. What a hero. If you’re like me, reading romance is all about the swoon and the sexy hero. You love the way he loves the heroine, doing everything he can to protect her, putting all things aside if he needs to. Nothing is more important to him than the woman he cherishes and if needs be, he’ll move heaven and earth just to see her smile. This is how I see Mason and judging from some of the comments I receive, others see him the same way. Here is the Alpha of the Pack with tremendous responsibilities. He’s lost his sister, his mate-to- be is traumatized and filled with doubt and on top of that, there’s a possible threat out there. What’s a young man to do? He stops it all so he can help Darcy. No hesitation, despite people waiting to talk with him. What an amazing guy! This doesn’t include how he makes Darcy feel when he looks at her, kisses her or when he reaches in and touches her. *insert sigh* Doesn’t he sound perfect?
Separately, these two are wonderful but together, they are extraordinary. I know, I know … I’m biased because I wrote the story but they have such incredible potential. They are a team, fully committed to one another and together they help balance the other. There’s no judgment between them, no viewing the other as weak. If there is a need, they are there to support and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. That kind of love and passion will definitely be challenged but hey, I’m a lover of romance so you know - they’ll always get their happily ever after … eventually!

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