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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Author Make Over and New Logo!

It seems fitting that on my 5th anniversary, my author brand and logo evolves to reflect how I view not just myself but who I am as an author.

I believe in transformations--in finding out who you are and celebrating it! Life's too short to not chase after the things that make you happy. It's about second and third chances--of finding beauty in the tough times. It's about laughing and smiling and dancing. It's about embracing who you are ... flaws and all.

Butterflies have always held special meaning for me so it made sense they'd be part of my new author logo. And my new catchphrase - Dare To Fly - that's me to a tee. Don't let fear hold you back. Believe in yourself. Take risks. Be you.

So here you have it ... I hope whenever you see butterflies you think of me and my stories, that it brings a smile to your face.

And the breathless part? That's for the swoon BUT it's also a way to honor that evil part of me that will continue writing cliffhangers! So whether by swoon or leaving you all hanging ... breathless is a good way to be! hahaha #‎dare2fly #‎newlogo #‎BelstheButterfly

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  1. i have been looking for book 8 in the mystic wolves series has it been released yet and if not when will it be cause i have read the whole set and waiting for the rest of it