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Monday, March 12, 2018

#MaleCharacterMonday - Meet Maxwell!

#MCM (Male Character Monday)

With NOWHERE TO HIDE releasing in just 11 days, I thought you all might like to meet Maxwell! His muse is the swoony Tim Omundson which made him FUN to write!

Maxwell lives in Havenwood Falls, more specifically in Shelf Indulgence. He's a ghost who's pretty tight lipped about his past but is VERY opinionated about how Sedona lives her life. He can be pretty snarky when he chooses to be, but generally his heart is always in the right place.

Here's a snippet about him ....
A deep, familiar voice answered. “One of us needs to leave this store and have a life, Sedona. And considering I can’t, that leaves the burden firmly on your shoulders.”
Maxwell appeared beside me, his fingers twirling the end of his mustache. I often wondered if he realized he did that—if it was a nervous habit he’d failed to break. I couldn’t quite cross out an alternative thought that it was his way of impersonating a villain because right now, my dearest friend wasn’t enabling my cowardice at all. He was supposed to agree wholeheartedly with me and suggest I spend the evening secluded quietly in my apartment with a delicious glass of wine and a book.
“I still think you made that up, Maxwell. I’m sure if you tried hard enough, you could leave and go haunt Willow over at Coffee Haven. You know . . . expand your horizons and all.”
A look of horror and disapproval blazed across his ghostly features.
Did I forget to mention Maxwell was a ghost?
“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you suggest that, young lady. Do you really think I’d stay here and witness your weekly neurotic diatribe about the woes of dating if I could simply waltz out of here?”

You can read more about Maxwell when Nowhere To Hide (A Havenwood Falls novella) releases March 23, 2018!

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