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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#WisdomWednesday - Find The Balance

This was a quote shared on my meditation app this morning and I love it! I also listened to a 4 part lesson on the Power of Rest that goes along with this.
Here’s something I didn’t know. ACTIVE rest refreshes us more than INACTIVE rest. While there is nothing wrong with binge watching TV and movies, adding movement to your rest helps recharge your batteries and your brain responds better!
Also, overworking yourself doesn’t always lead to success but it can lead to burn out. It is better for productivity if you do, let’s say, four hours of concentrated and focused worked as opposed to putting in an all nighter or a long hours day.
I kinda knew those things but we live in a society where our accomplishments and even passions are often based on overworking ourselves. If we work hard, we MUST play just as hard. The author of the book Rest shared how amazed he was that he actually got MORE done when he worked LESS.
Go figure, right? I definitely believe we need to bring more balance into our daily lives and not weigh ourselves down with too much. Find out what your body and brain best respond to and have fun with it. I know what works best for me so I’m excited to find that balance ❤️❤️

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#TeaserTuesday - A Glimpse At Marcus St. James

#teasertuesday #amwriting 
Here's a small sneak peek into the next Havenwood Falls novella from moi ... this story ... it's going to kill you all with the ANGST!

"It was everywhere.
There wasn’t a place I could lay my hand that didn’t come back wet and covered. As I lifted my fingers to my brow, the fading sun caused the redness of the liquid to take on an even more sinister hue."As if being bathed in blood could get any more sinister." I chuckled softly to myself. My laughter felt misplaced considering the macabre scene that surrounded me."

~ Marcus St. James, Title To Be Announced, in the Havenwood Falls Legends line. Copyright Belinda Boring 2018

You can also #oneclick Nowhere To Hide, my Havenwood Falls novella, NOW! For more information about the series, check out and discover all the fun tidbits and book stuff!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

#SelfCare - Your Words Hold Power.

I got a reading while at the RenFair yesterday and one of the many things shared was to remember MY words hold power. The lady then added something that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about - “so be careful what you tell yourself.”

I always knew that words hold power. I try to be careful with what I say, ESPECIALLY when I am hurt and angry. I would rather say nothing until I can control myself than have to live with the words I throw out there. I know myself - I might not always remember precise words but I DO remember how words make me feel. If your words traumatize me ... good luck. As an author, I absolutely know my words hold power and again, I always try to make sure I use the appropriate ones to convey from my heart to the readers.

But what I tell myself? Yeah ... I’m not as vigilant and I don’t extend the same compassion to myself.

So this was a great reminder that as I try to improve my self care and making sure I treat MYSELF better, I need to be vigilant with the inner thoughts and conversations I hold.

No more belittling.
No more chipping away at my self esteem with careless words and judgments.
No more being critical and unkind.

It really does start with how we think and feel. It often doesn’t come out in our words or acts without first filtering through our emotions and thoughts.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone you love, why would you say it to yourself? There’s no need for “brutal” honesty. I can self evaluate and make course corrections in ways that don’t shred my spirit and make me feel less than.

The reality is - I need to be my own best friend. I need to be my own best support. I need to be my biggest cheerleader.

So this coming week is all about being more aware and remembering that there’s no replacing those words once they’re out. Be kinder to yourself. Never forget the value you hold and how important you are to us all ❤️🦋