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Monday, February 26, 2018

#FanGirlDown - That One Time They Touched My Book!


I seriously have such a deep love and appreciation for Supernatural - both the show, characters, AND the people behind them! I've been lucky to attend conventions and work them, and this photo op is from the recent Las Vegas SPN Con! I couldn't resist!

I have SO much love for this photo. I like to have one with the muse from my stories, and this photo holds THREE! Obviously with Jensen in the middle holding a little guitar and Misha holding Bittersweet Melody, this is a shout out to my beloved Cooper Hensley!  I'm not going to lie ... I DIE every time I look at this because when I see Jensen, I see my character. You've also got Misha who is my muse for Sullivan Kilgrave in Blood Oath, and Jared . . . he's a muse for a future book! #coming2019

There's a story behind this photo op too that cracks me up! We all posed (although WHY I'm pulling that face I have no idea! Perhaps I should've licked Jensen? I blame it on being soooo freaking close to Misha! #blamethemusk hahaha) 

Misha: Look, Jensen. This book’s about you. *shows him the book*
Jensen: Of course it is. *touches the cover*
Jared: No, it’s about me!
Laura: Yours is coming. She’s doing a story about you next.
Jared: Really? 

Of course, I am desperately trying to remember how to breathe! The night before, Jensen had performed Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi with Corey Taylor from SlipKnot at the Saturday Night Concert, and GOOD. FREAKING. CHUCK ... if you've never seen that man sing ... GO TO YOUTUBE NOW! Actually, here's you go ... you're welcome!

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