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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#WisdomWednesday - Find The Balance

This was a quote shared on my meditation app this morning and I love it! I also listened to a 4 part lesson on the Power of Rest that goes along with this.
Here’s something I didn’t know. ACTIVE rest refreshes us more than INACTIVE rest. While there is nothing wrong with binge watching TV and movies, adding movement to your rest helps recharge your batteries and your brain responds better!
Also, overworking yourself doesn’t always lead to success but it can lead to burn out. It is better for productivity if you do, let’s say, four hours of concentrated and focused worked as opposed to putting in an all nighter or a long hours day.
I kinda knew those things but we live in a society where our accomplishments and even passions are often based on overworking ourselves. If we work hard, we MUST play just as hard. The author of the book Rest shared how amazed he was that he actually got MORE done when he worked LESS.
Go figure, right? I definitely believe we need to bring more balance into our daily lives and not weigh ourselves down with too much. Find out what your body and brain best respond to and have fun with it. I know what works best for me so I’m excited to find that balance ❤️❤️


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