Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things I've Learned From My Dad: Work Ethics

I came across an old photo of my dad just now that reminded me of what an amazing example he is of hard work. I've learned a lot from my father but something that really sticks out is his work ethics. For as long as I can remember, he's always encouraged me to work hard in everything I do and not be afraid to learn new things.

Years ago, I saw his work resume and was astounded! After moving to Australia from England, newly married to my mum, he worked in a prison as a guard. That was his ONLY job until he retired ... no hopping from career to career yet his resume was THICK. He started as a guard and finished an high level executive - his secret?

Make yourself indispensable. 
Don't settle for where you are.
Learn everything you can about your position.
Look for ways to improve. 
Be the first in line for training.
Ask for opportunities to grow and advance.
Don't be afraid to apply for things.

And finally,  be the kind of employee your boss NEEDS. 

I've tried to follow that advice all my life and it works! So thanks, Dad. It's been an invaluable lesson and one I've tried imparting to my girls!

P.S. My dad is the one crouching. This was taken in England before he moved - he helped build roads in County Durham.

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Review: Lit-Cube Book Box - Insta Love YA

This is so freaking cool!

For those who've seen Lit Cube advertised by the amazing Peggy Sue Martinez and have wondered whether you should subscribe ... YES!! This is the first one I ordered, the theme INSTA-LOVE, and it is so awesome! 

This is what was included:

The Summer After You & Me by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski

I LOVE the cover for this book. I would've bought it separately just so I could have the print copy on my shelves to stroke and love. Who doesn't like a new story to read? 

A "Old Books" Scented Candle by Frostbeard

Twue Wuv. Seriously ... that's the name given to the one in my box. Not only does it make me smile and think of the Princess Bride, but it's beyond cute. It smells pretty good so that's always a bonus.

Metallic Gel Smens by Scentco

Cool novelty pen that smells like blueberries. What more needs to be said?

Crossbody Bag

I LOVED the design on this small bag that fits a kindle or small book. Plus it's made from recycled materials so trendy AND environmentally awesome ... TWO THUMBS UP!

Love Letters Tricky Notebook

This made me super excited. It's something I would've bought myself had I seen in it the store. What makes it better is it fits in my cute new bag. SCORE!


So impressed!

What an amazing treat for readers! There's a book and incredible swag items included ... plus check out the way it comes packaged. I'm a 100% satisfied customer and can't wait for the next month!

To find more info: www.lit-cube.com

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#AlwaysKeepFighting #LetsTalk

Depression sucks. It leaves you feeling alone and broken. It isolates you and makes things so dark it's hard to hold onto hope. Sometimes it only stays a little bit. Other times it just never seems to go away - no matter what you do to try and regain your sense of self and happiness. It's taken me SEVEN months to pull myself out. Don't let appearances fool you - depression is often something that strokes behind the scenes.

Jared Padalecki, the actor who plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural and Dean on Gilmore Girls, started a campaign called "Always Keep Fighting" - to bring awareness to depression, self injury, and suicide - to help people know they're NOT alone. The response has been EPIC as people step forward and share their story. I personally have had issues with all three of these things ... my butterfly tattoo represents my own commitment not to self injure. The struggle IS real for so many of us. It gives me hope that people are not afraid to speak up now. It's no longer okay to hide it in the closet or something to be ashamed over.

Jared recently had to cancel appearances. It's easy to become overwhelmed and overstimulate yourself to the point where things spiral. He's exhausted himself and not only am I proud that he respects himself enough to know his limits but that the #SPNFamily loves him enough to support him.

He may never see this and that's okay. I don't ever do things for that reason. I just wanted to say this ... Jared, we stand by you. We love you. And please, #AlwaysKeepFighting. You make a difference. We see YOU beyond the characters you portray. Do whatever you need to feel better.

And for those who also deal with depression - I love you. My heart is with you. You're in my prayers.

We are not alone. We have value. Hold on to those around you. It will pass, I promise.

Hugs and kisses to you all! xoxoxo

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Queens of Romance - Come Follow Us!


Three words that fit together but they also have something extra in common. They are the titles given three bestselling authors who love writing and reading all things ROMANCE. Whether it's contemporary, paranormal, historical, or fantasy - these three QUEENS don't mess about.

They're serious when it comes to breathtaking kisses, addictive story lines, and emotional journeys that leave readers BEGGING for more! There's something for everyone - characters to claim and cherish - sexy one-liners that remind you why falling in love is so much fun.

Have you met them?
Do you follow them?
Have you read them?

There's no time like the present ...

Belinda Boring 

International and Multi-Genre Bestselling Author Belinda Boring is known to many readers as the Queen of Swoon and also the Queen of Cliffhangers. Her Mystic Wolves series has topped many charts along with receiving several awards and nominations such as Paranormal Book of the Year, Best Debut Book, as well as being in the Top 3 Best Rated on Amazon. With additional bestselling titles like Loving Liberty , Enchanted Hearts, Wanderlust, and  Broken Promises, it’s easy to see why readers are captivated by this swoon worthy author!

Kamery Solomon

#1 Bestselling Genre Author, Kamery Solomon, has been delighting readers with her God Chronicles series, featuring modern day adaptions of Zeus, nominated of Book of the Year and Cover of the Year, Poseidon, Hades, & Adrastia. The Queen of Love has also wooed her readers with her #1 bestselling fantasy novella, Forever, and her contemporary favorite, Taking Chances. 

Lacey Weatherford

#1 International and USA Today Bestselling Author, Lacey Weatherford has received many awards and accolades, including Top 100 Best Teen Book of the Year from Amazon and Best Book of the Year by Young Adult and Teen Readers, for Chasing Nikki. Her Of Witches and Warlocks series has been nominated for Best Paranormal Book of the Year, Top Pick Read, Cover of the Year, and Favorite Male Character, multiple years in a row. The Crush series is a #1 worldwide bestseller, published in multiple languages, and her new adult book, Allure, hit the Top 100 on every top bookseller chart.

You can also join their Facebook group: The Royal Court

To subscribe to their mailing list: CLICK HERE

To send messages/notes/letters: 

Hope to see you all!!